If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a special person in your life, a bare root tree might be an ideal option. There are many people for whom this would be a fantastic gift. An avid gardener or amateur horticulturist might enjoy a bare root tree as well as someone that simply wishes to add a beautiful tree to their property. At Plant Me Green, we have a wide variety of bare root trees to consider, as well as many other gift options. 

When you think about buying a tree, you might think about purchasing a small tree in a container, and we do sell many container trees. Bare root trees are not in a container nor do they have soil around their roots. These are trees that you plant directly in the ground while they are still dormant, which simply means they have not yet begun growing their spring leaves yet. 

There are several advantages to selecting bare root trees. For instance, planting bare root trees can be a bit easier to plant because they are lighter in weight, and usually less expensive than a container tree. 

Bare root trees do need to be planted within just a few days of delivery, however, and they do need to be planted during the dormant season. The planting window varies a bit depending on your location and tree choice, but typically you need to plant a bare root tree no later than the earliest days of spring. For instance, the planting window for our bare root pecans runs from about mid-December until about mid-March. 

Among our bare root trees, the bare root pecans are one of the most popular choices. We offer a wide variety of bare root pecans. In fact, we typically sell about 20 different varieties. With giving the gift of bare root pecans, it is important to consider your friend’s climate and soil condition before purchasing. Pecan trees also grow quite large, so it is also important to consider the size of your friend’s property. 

If your friend loves spending time gardening and doing yardwork, bare root pecans or other types of bare root trees can be an excellent gift. These types of trees are best suited to friends who have a good amount of experience with gardening and planting. We offer many helpful planting tips on our website, so if your friend has some questions, they can find many answers right here at Plant Me Green. 

Beyond bare root pecans, our selection of bare root trees includes bare root apple trees, bare root persimmon trees and much more. Of course, we also sell a wide variety of container trees. Some container trees can simply be placed in large pots and used to decorate a sunroom, porch or backyard. These can be a good option for someone with less planting experience. 

Before you purchase bare root trees, bare root pecans or container trees and plants, be sure to use our handy Plant Hardiness Zone Lookup guide. You can find this feature by selecting the Green 101 tab on our homepage. Once you have identified the zone in which your friend lives, it will be much easier to select a tree or plant that will thrive in their area. 

If you are uncertain exactly what type of bare root trees, container trees or plants your friend truly wants, consider purchasing a Plant Me Green gift card. These are available for purchase on our website and we can ship them directly to your friend.
August 29, 2022 — Ashley Protheroe